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By default, the Search routine looks for all Establishments and produces a listing of the selected records that match the criteria. In order to narrow your selection, option boxes are provided.  By selecting one or more of these options, the Search looks for content only within the selected content set.
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Searching Alphanumeric Values (Strings)
Criteria Example (Enter in Box) Returns all records
Equal To Smith with equal values to Smith (Automatic default)
Begins With Smith% that begins with Smith
Ends With %Smith that ends with Smith
Contains %Smith% that contains the character(s) Smith anywhere in the data
Or ('Smith','Simpson') that are equal to Smith or Simpson
Between Values between 'Sm' and 'Sz' that are greater or equal than 'Sm' and less or equal to 'Sz'

*One space between operator and next character. Operators are "=", "IN", "<", ">", "<>", "BETWEEN"